Sherborne Bowling Club Opening 2021

This is the new website of Sherborne Bowling Club (looking exactly the same as the old one but internally refreshed). The club is Scheduled to open for roll ups on the 11th April 2021, which is in step with the Governments 4 step Road Map. However, due to Government restrictions on the numbers of people allowed to gather outdoors, roll ups will have to be managed using this web site (as they were last year). As the season progresses fewer restrictions should apply until eventually we should be back to bowling as near as normal as possible. It is still very early days, so we cannot go into any detail and of course any relaxation of the regulations is dependant on the government reaching its stated targets. This is as much as we can say at the moment but hopefully we will soon receive guidance from Bowls England which will allow us to put some meat on the bone!
Bill Fox
Fixture Secretary
On behalf of the committee