Sherborne Bowling Club Opening 2021

This is the new website of Sherborne Bowling Club (looking exactly the same as the old one but internally refreshed). The club is Scheduled to open for roll ups on the 11th April 2021, which is in step with the Governments 4 step Road Map. However, due to Government restrictions on the numbers of people allowed to gather outdoors, roll ups will have to be managed using this web site (as they were last year). As the season progresses fewer restrictions should apply until eventually we should be back to bowling as near as normal as possible. It is still very early days, so we cannot go into any detail and of course any relaxation of the regulations is dependant on the government reaching its stated targets. This is as much as we can say at the moment but hopefully we will soon receive guidance from Bowls England which will allow us to put some meat on the bone!
Bill Fox
Fixture Secretary
On behalf of the committee

Sherborne Bowls Club is opening to members on Thursday 21st May2020

Members should by now have received their copy of the bowling protocol. Please be advised that guidance described in this document should be followed at all times. Though some guidance may appear somewhat restrictive it has been included in order to keep you as safe as possible in the current climate. Please note all members bowl at their own risk so be very careful and follow procedure. Keep safe and enjoy your bowling.

Bill Fox

Match Sec.

Bowling and the 2020 Season

Sherborne Bowling Club will not open on the 13th April this year and all fixtures for this season are effectively cancelled. These include all County leagues, Wessex 4’s / Triples, Friendly games, Club, County and National competitions / games. It may be possible to open the club later in the season but this will depend on the advice given by Bowls England which in turn will be subject to any easing of restrictions currently imposed by the government. If the club does open later in the season the committee will be proactive in organising games both within the club or even against other clubs who have also made the decision to open. Ultimately your committee will make the decision on whether or not the club will open and when. A skeleton green maintenance crew (with the support of our contractors) will continue to maintain the green during the summer months – for this they have the thanks of the committee and no doubt the general membership. This is of course assuming no further restrictions are imposed by the Government.

Without a fully functioning club we will lose a lot of income this season and will have to rely largely on membership fees to cover our costs. The forecast is a loss of approx. £8,800 for the season. As such we must emphasise the importance of supporting the club in every way you can over the coming few months. The committee wishes to thank all members for their support in these very difficult times – particularly those who have already paid their subs or made donations to the club.

Wishing all club members and the wider bowling community a safe summer and a return to bowling as soon as safely possible!

Sherborne B.C. Committee

Enrolment Evening Thusday 19th March – Postponed

Please note we have decided to postpone the  above meeting as it clashes with a  recently scheduled Bowls England meeting at which  the impact of Corona Virus on the Outdoor Season will be discussed. We will reschedule the Enrolment Evening once we have received updated guidance from B.E.



Wessex Triples message from Kevin

I just wanted to say thank you and to congratulate everyone to do with the Triples team. In the last four games we picked up 42 points out of 48. And as a consequence we have ended up as League Champions. Third three years ago, second last year and first this year. Thank you to everyone who played, those that did the refreshments,  everyone that came to support us.
A special thank you to Henry who was always there to support and give valuable advise.
Thank you everyone.
Kevin Tucker

Club Competition results for 2019


Ladies 2 wood B. Plympton E. Carter-Wescott
Ladies 4 wood G. Mitchell B. Phillips
Ladies pairs G. Mitchell & B. Plympton S. Ford & S. Heybourne
Ladies maiden A. Clough G. Mitchell
Men’s 2 wood singles D. Alexander M. Nicholls
Men’s 4 wood D. Alexander B. Fitzgibbon
Men’s pairs D. Phillips & J. Flynn B. Fitzgibbon & P. Bryer
Men’s novice R. Jeans D. Phillips
Mixed singles G. Shave B. Fox
Mixed pairs G. Mitchell & V. Bishop E. Carter-Wescott & B. Fitzgibbon
Mixed triples G. Shave, P. Gurman, G. Pharoah B. Phillips, G. Mitchell, P. Lock
Davenport pairs B. Fox & S. Ford D. Alexander & P. Lock
Australian pairs B. Phillips & G. Shave P. Lock & T. Dutton
2 wood mixed triples D. Whiteoak, H. Pharoah, V. Bishop E. Jeans, R. Piddell, C. Burden


Div 2 League Table as at 26/08/19

W2 P W D L F A +/- Pts
1 DORCHESTER A 15 13 0 2 908 663.5 244.5 117
2 DORCHESTER B 15 8 0 7 814.5 820 5.5 79
3 PORTLAND BO 15 9 0 6 705.5 711.5 6 77
4 SHERBORNE A 15 7 0 8 732 750 18 73
5 WELLWORTHY A 15 6 0 9 663 760 97 62
6 BRIDPORT B 15 4 0 11 722 840 118 42
Totals 90 45 0 45 4410 4410 0 450


Friday club night

This is a club FUN NITE. All members welcome. Mufti dress.We will be having a crack at target bowls,and a few other activities to help us with controlling weight and following through on a set line.We will also be having drinks and nibbles after bowling. We normally finish about 8pm but very much depends on the weather.